About FERWABA – Old



1. Introduction


1. Before independence

In 1930, Basketball is brought in Rwanda by Catholics Priests (Missionaries), and the first appearance was in South Province in High Schools.
At that time, basketball is played in schools by young students.

2. After independence (1962)

Basketball still be played in High Schools and new teams were created in Army side and from some public institutions and Sportive associations has been created to promote basketball in all provinces in Rwanda, In 1974, Rwanda Basketball Federation is created and the first national League was organized in 3 years later for women and men.

Now the Rwanda Basketball Federation (FERWABA) is Member of Rwanda National Olympic Committee, affiliated to FIBA, Zone AFRIQUE; it works as National nongovernmental organization recognized by the Rwanda Government.

3. During 1994 Genocide of Tutsi

The tragedy of 1994 touched basketball development: Players, Spectators, Leaders of teams and federation dead, Infrastructures was destroyed: Courts, gymnasiums in schools and in all provinces.

4. Period post Genocide of Tutsi

At that time, Basketball restarted and many was created in schools and by different basketball fans and competitions and some clinics were organized.

5. Who are we?

FERWABA is a national umbrella organization of all basketball clubs and associations. Whose core business revolves around the following goals

  • Provision of technical training for the players, coaches and referees.
  • Organizing local and international competitions.
  • Creating forums for the exchange of experiences and ideas.

“Effective service for quality basketball in Rwanda”

1. Mission

To provide an enabling environment for skill development, talent nurturing and high level competition for basketball as a sport in Rwanda.

2. Our Objectives

  1. Promote and develop basketball policy in Rwanda,
  2. Capacity building of technical and moral qualities of our officials (Coaches & Referees),
  3. Represent and defend benefits of its members (Clubs, Associations),
  4. Develop basketball program for Youth,
  5. Organize and participate in different competitions (National and International).

3. Core values Commitments

The Federation is committed to serve with courtesy, honesty, integrity and fairness. It therefore commits itself to:

  • Treat all its clients concern with confidentiality and urgency
  • Respond to all correspondence as soon as possible upon receipt
  • Accountability in all activities

4. Commitments

The Federation is committed to serve with courtesy, honesty, integrity and fairness. The Federation commits itself to:

  • Treat all its clients concern with confidentiality and urgency.
  • Respond to all correspondence as soon as possible upon receipt.
  • Serve with Account in all activities

5. Structure of the federation

Rwanda Basketball Federation is administered and managed through the following divisions:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Executive Committee.
  • Ad-hoc Commissions
  • Permanent staff

The General Assembly is the supreme decision making organ of the Federation. Its membership is nationwide with representation from each Clubs and Association member.

The Executive Committee is charged with day to day affairs of the federation. Its members are elected every four years by the General Assembly.
It is composed by:

  • President
  • 2 Vice Presidents
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Technical Advisor
  • Legal Advisor

The Permanent commissions are appointed by the Executive support the daily responsibilities of the Executive Committee. Members of the commissions need to have necessary requisites and experience and are from Clubs or Associations Members of FERWABA. Now FERWABA has the following Permanent Commissions:

  • Technical Commission
  • Youth Development Commission
  • Women Commission
  • Legal Commission
  • Medical Commission
  • Marketing and Sponsorship Commission

The Permanent staffs are recruited by the Executive committee and are charged to run daily works in Office of the Federation such as administration and follow up of Basketball programs and report to the Executive committee. Now, FERWABA has the following Permanent Staff:

  • Technical Manager
  • Secretary and Accountant
  • National Coach for Men Team

6. Activities of FERWABA

The main federation’s activities are listed as;

  • National League and Play-offs for Men and Women categories,
  • National Tournaments, for senior and junior teams in Men and Women Categories,
  • National Team Assignments: Preparation and participation in Zonal and Continental Competitions
  • Youth Basketball Camps organized annually,
  • Capacity building of technical officials: Referees, Coaches and Medical staff
  • Street Basketball Challenge, 3 on 3 competitions,

7. Organization of Competitions: National league, Play Offs, national and International Competitions

A. National League competitions

FERWABA National League is the main competition organized annually and played into Two categories (Men and Women), with team’s members of the federations and others from secondary schools and universities:

In organization of the National league, the Federation has some challenges like financial supports due to lack of sponsors and few teams which participate in both
categories. The Winners in National League usually represent the country in FIBA AFRIQUE zone and Continental Clubs Championships annually.

B. Play Offs

Owing to the interest and competitive nature of the league, After the regular League matches, the top four teams in each category qualify for the play-offs. The play-offs consist of two rounds (Semi finals & Finals).

In the first round teams play best of 3 series while in the second round (Finals) teams play best of 3 or 5 series to determine the winner.

C. National and International Competitions

The winning team is given an opportunity to represent the country in regional and continental competitions under the auspices of main supporter Ministry of Sports and Culture.

Participation and Position of Rwanda Teams Men & Women in FIBA AFRICA Competitions are as follow:

  • AfroBasket Senior Men: 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013
  • AfroBasket Senior Women: 2009, 2011
  • AfroBasket Junior Men: 2010, 2012
  • AfroBasket U16 Men: 2015
  • AfroBasket U16 Women: 2015
  • Zone 5 Clubs Champions: annually since 2007
  • All FIBA AFRICA Tournaments of qualification, we participate: AfroBasket U16, U18, Senior Nation Teams, Champions Cup

Note that for qualifying in the final rounds of Continental competitions, Rwanda teams play Preliminaries rounds in FIBA AFRIQUE Zone 5 with: Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea.

D. Administration state

The Classic league and the playoffs are managed and run by the Rwanda Basketball Federation.

We have a total of 45 qualified and experienced officials; this includes 3 International referees, 4 zonal Referees and 38 Table Officials.

The regular league matches are played in Kigali City, Southern and Western Provinces (Huye and Rusizi) according to based teams in the mentioned area, and the federation is seeking to cooperate with local governance to create other teams in Provinces.

E. National tournaments

The Federation organizes different National Tournaments annually. These are spread throughout the country:

  • Pre-season tournament
  • Genocide Memorial Tournament
  • Occasional Tournaments

These tournaments involve both senior and junior teams. The tournaments are managed by the federation.

F.  Sportives objectives of FERWABA

  • Consistent and innovative organization of National League and National tournaments for all categories,
  • Organize Youth league annually
  • Supports and helps Clubs which represent our country in zonal and Continental competitions,
  • Annual programs of capacity building of technical officials (Coaches, Referees, Administrators…) in collaboration with FIBA AFRIQUE, Ministry of Sports and National Olympic Committee of Rwanda,